We are one of the biggest fasteners distribution house in India,
and we specialize in providing solutions for special coating/packaging/kitting requirements for our clients.


Ancillary Services

Shirley King

Material Coating & Plating

Black Passivation Trivalent White Zinc
Yellow Olive Green
Zinc Flake Coating Hot Dip Galvanizing
Dacromat Coating
Dorothy Lewis

Packaging & Kitting Services

Certain customers require fasteners pre-packaged into a kit required for producing one product/part. This saves their time in labour costs and loss in inventory, making their staff more efficient in work.

Carl Barnes

Annual Rate Contracts

Fasteners are C-class items, and usually cost percentage in total cost is very low. Purchase managers tend to spend more time negotiating rates each time for a new order, which is not fruitful , therefore we propose annual rate contracts with many customers to save time and further create efficiencies in both systems.

Joe Ross

Stores Management

We have a team/network which visit client factory locations and schedule purchase based on actual inventory usage and save time for the factories to focus on their core functions.

Joe Ross

KANBAN Systems

We use a three bin system, and every time the 2nd bin is empty , we replace 2 bins to ensure no shortage of fasteners in the factory stores.

Joe Ross

Threading & Cutting Services

We provide value added services to our customers to ensure a one-stop contact delivering all fasteners required for factory whether standard or non-standard.